Case Study Title: Rane t4us Mining Solutions for Jindal Africa [JSPL, Chirodzi Coal Mines, Africa]

Problem Statement: Consulting and Advisory by Rane t4u wherein all customer pain points studied and analysed and a detailed, phased plan of diverse technology solutions rolled out and implemented, including Mining Transportation Optimization, Fuel Expenditure Control, etc.

Project Background: Rane t4u primarily studied the complete mining operations and its business process flow, key operational challenges being faced by the Jindal Africa, Mozambique team which effects the operating efficiency and margin. Rane t4u proposed cost-effective and suitable IT solution to address the existing operational challenges and help them to save cost for the company with improved operating efficiency. Rane t4u then introduced a product roadmap to address the operating challenges of mining industry as a whole.

Challengs: Jindal Africa faced a lot of challenges in their day to day operations. After a detailed study of the system & workflow, following were the challenges identified:

  • Heavy revenue loss due to diesel theft.
  • No automated way to find out the exact location of vehicle and the vehicle status such as the route deviation from the defined maps.
  • No automated way to find out the driver details of a vehicle and capturing the attendance of driver.
  • No automated way to find out the vehicle allotment as per the need of the mine. Hence, vehicles remain unutilized.
  • Finding number of trips completed by each vehicle per day / per month / for a particular duration, trip distance is a cumbersome as all the data needs to be recorded manually.
  • No control on the process like if the vehicle has stopped for a long time or idle due to any reason or driver taking un-authorized route.
  • Overburden management is completely done by manual using excel only.
  • Excel-based inventory management for spare parts, manual job card creation for maintenance jobs and challenges in planning and executing scheduled maintenance. Vehicle wise exact expenses can’t be identified as everything is billed against plant.
  • Identification of key resources is a problem in the workshop
  • Keeping track of slow moving spare is a problem in the workshop.
  • Requisition Slip creation for inventory is done manually and there is no alerting system in place if the inventory goes below a certain level.
  • There is no tyre management system available as there are many vehicles and difficult to plan and manage the tyre inventory including tyre type.
  • Lack of Historical Data for the mining equipment maintenance. Critical spare parts availability in- time is also a problem in the workshop.

Solution,Features and Highlights: Rane t4u performed a consulting operation and studied all the pain points and proposed a detailed phase-wise plan for Transportation Optimization, Fuel Expenditure Control and offered a technology solutions to JSPL, Chirodzi Coal Mines Proposed implementation of the project in phases. Broadly we have categorized the solution into the following phases:

Phase 1:

  • Real-time Logistics & Transportation Monitoring and related services
  • Trip Management (Washery / Excavation / Overburden)
  • Fuel Management Solutions for various vehicle mix at the Coal Mines
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management Solutions
    • Workshop Management
    • Statutory & Preventive Maintenance
    • Tyre Management
    • Reports & MIS
  • Management Reports and Analytics
  • Mobile Application for Monitoring Services

Phase 2:

  • Driver Management Solution with RFID Technology implementation.
  • Setting up Command Control Centre at Chirodzi Coal Mining Plant, Tete
  • Coal Mining Administration Fleet Management
  • Integration with SAP
  • Integration with PLC Of Washery
  • Excavation Activity Module
    • Excavation Operational Management
    • (A, B, C, D and E) Multi-Pit Excavation
  • Washery Activity Module
    • Weightment Re-Conciliation Module (Excavation & Washery)
  • Management Reports and Analytics

Phase 3:

  • Logistics and Transportation of Final Product(s) to Motiez using third party transportation service providers
  • Fuel Management in Locomotives
  • Transportation up to Port (Beira) for Exports and for Local Consumption

Phase 4:

  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboards and Mobile Applications for various operations
  • SAP Integration Services for Billing and Administration

Phase 4:

  • CRM Solutions
  • CCTV Camera for Real time monitoring in the command control center
  • Security Management and Attendance

Project Outcome: Rane t4u has successfully finished the consulting project and implemented the fuel management system in four vehicles in JSPL, Chirodzi Coal Mines. At present, all the four vehicles are highly effective in reducing the diesel expenses (that is more than 50% cost of the whole JSPL, Chirodzi Coal Mines operation).

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