Case Study Title: Construction and Building Material Logistics

Problem Statement: Fleet Management and Maintenance

Problem Description: Concrete India (Ci) believes in uncompromised quality and timely delivery. Due to this, the company has been able to build great relationships with esteemed client and the business has been flourishing. However, the company required to implement revolutionizing technology in order to efficiently handle the below mentioned parameters, having an impact on business operations.

  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Continuous rotation of drums (for concrete mixing)
  • Fuel utilization
  • Driver dependability
  • Wear & Tear

Solution: Rane t4u was entrusted with the responsibility of implementing strong and efficient technological processes which would help Concrete India is tackling the above mentioned issues. With its newly developed Intellectual property (IP), Rane t4u was able to solve the problems by implementing the below mentioned solutions;

  • GPS/GPRS navigation system
  • Solution for monitoring drum rotation
  • Solution for monitoring the speed of vehicle
  • Module for data based analytics & information

After implementing the above mentioned solutions, Concrete India was able to enhance the control on daily business operations, resulting in more satisfied customers, culminating to an increased reputation in the market.

Here is a customer testimonial:

“We thank Rane t4u for delivering tailor-made solutions, which not only streamlined our existing processes but also opened up new avenues for business development. Looking forward for a long collaboration with Rane t4u”

Mr Sreenivasa Reddy, MD, Concrete India

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