Case Study Title: Young Shall Grow

Problem Statement: Fleet Management and Maintenance

Problem Description: Young Shall Grow is the biggest transportation company of Nigeria, owning more than 600 buses. The company has committed to provide first class service to the passengers along with utmost safety. However, the company faced issues when it came to fleet management. Managing 600 vehicles is a mammoth task and the below mentioned problems were faced by the management.

  • Security
  • Over speed
  • Management of Fleet
  • Fleet Maintenance

Solution: Rane t4u was entrusted with the task of developing an efficient Fleet management & Maintenance solution which would help Young Shall Grow to keep a watch on activity of each vehicle in the fleet. For this, Rane t4u developed a “Fleet & Asset Management” solution which comprised of the below mentioned points;

  • Vehicle Monitoring Solution
  • Electronic Workshop Management
  • Electronic inventory control systems
  • Driver Appraisal systems
  • Mechanic appraisal systems
  • Fuel Monitoring Solution
  • Tyre Management System

After implementing the above mentioned solutions, Young Shall Grow was able to effectively manage the fleet based on information received. This resulted in the below mentioned points.

  • Well Maintained fleets for passengers
  • Monitored Driver Behaviour
  • Easy maintenance
  • Vehicle wise Cost Analysis

By availing Rane t4u services, YSG can now track the vehicles efficiently and managing this large fleet is no more a challenge. The strong systems have immensely helped YSG to satisfy the customers.

Here is a customer testimonial:

“The Rane t4u Fleet and Asset Management Solution has played an immense role in bringing down our fleet management costs. By providing us on our fingertips activity reports, which provide us more details on what maintenance a particular bus needs, the system keeps us abreast with things and thus we don’t generally lose time on breakdowns. In short a lot of breakdowns, which were a regular affair earlier, have been avoided since we have started using Rane t4u’s solution. Their Pay as you go model is unique as we didn’t require any server and our investment was almost negligible”

- Operational Head YSG

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