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Countries with t4u Presence


Local t4u Service Providers


t4u services professionals


End Customers
Role of LTSPs
  • Leveraging their knowledge and relationships within their local area
  • Establishing customer relationships in their local markets
  • Generating revenue from their local markets
  • Delivering ongoing services to locally situated customers
t4u’s Support to LTSPs
  • Partner empowerment through business ecosystems created by t4u
  • Assisting in key customer acquisition
  • Establishing standard operating procedures
  • Imparting training and skill enhancement
  • Providing domain expertise
  • Providing technology expertise
  • Implementing best practices
Prerequisites for Partnership
  • Nominal partnership fees.
  • Basic infrastructure
  • Time to insvest to take your business to the next level.
  • Enthusiasm to expand your network.
  • Knowledge of existing and potential customers of this solution.
  • Desire to make your business successful.
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