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We’re looking for the right person to join us, and you are looking for the right organization to fit into. But do we match? Here are five reasons to join us…

  • We're working on technology that belongs to the future. Indeed. Powerful solutions that leverage telecommunications, informatics, Internet, and intelligence. You get to work, hands-on, on cutting-edge technology.
  • We're focused on delivering customer joy. Dedication, hard work, and commitment, are all a part of a day’s work. The outcome: learning is tremendous.
  • We aim to become the most preferred IoT enabled solution provider, world-wide. So your career takes shape as you grow with us.
  • We believe in wealth creation. On that note, your compensation will be on-par with industry standards, and definitely won't be a constraint if you're the one we're looking for.
  • We agree that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Which means training, development, and fun, are all part of the package.
  • We take pride in being an organization that empowers our employees to take responsibility and fulfill it. We encourage our team to gain skills and knowledge that will allow them to produce high quality work through cutting-edge technology.
  • Most importantly, while Skills and Domain Knowledge can be taught/ learned, the key success factors to a great career in Rane t4u is the integral presence of our Value System within each Applicant/ Employee – Empathy, Harmony, Wisdom and Integrity

To apply for an exciting and challenging career prospects, kindly submit your details below. You can also send your resume to careers@telematics4u.com

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